Christy Hicks is a work-from-home mom with a dream to improve the world around her.  She has lived in the Sarasota/Charlotte county area her entire life, and knows full well the struggle for young people to find local entertainment.

Christy has over 20 years of retail experience, 12 as a retail manager, and 8 as an administrator.  She has a history of quickly becoming an expert in every industry she pursues.  Within a year of starting at Ace Hardware at the age of 19, she was an proficient in household plumbing, paint, hardware, and key-making, and by the second year she was promoted to closing manager. 

After leaving Ace on good terms, she was contacted by a friend who wanted to start a midwifery school.  She accepted the position of Administrative Director at the school, and after extensive research, brought the dream into reality.  In 2016, the Department of Education approved Heritage School of Midwifery, and the school opened its doors to students in 2017. 

After becoming an expert in hardware, and creating a school from scratch, Christy has developed the confidence to pursue her own dreams.  She is working together with a team of advisors to create a fun place for all ages in the under-served south Sarasota county area.

South Sarasota County, FL

Play More World will be opening branches all over the United States, and eventually the world!




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